ami_pat-a-cake_082610 a video by moon_child on Flickr.

With all of the recent news surrounding Flickr’s updates, it gave me an opportunity to remince on some old photos.

Here is Ami at 1 year 2 months playing pat-a-cake with me. I love her expression of being overwhelmed at the end of it.

Love this girl!

May The Fourth Be With You!

Happy Star Wars Day 2013!

May the 4th Be With You!

Culture – Hmong Postpartum Superstitions/Traditions

This is my second installment of Hmong Superstitions, with this one focusing specifically on after the baby is born.

Hmong Superstitions

  1. Hmong Superstitions – Pregnancy
  2. Hmong Superstitions – Postpartum

It’s interesting how traditions start out as superstitions after generation upon generation of passed down folktales. Many of the topics I will be discussing will seem like second nature to those who are Hmong and I hope to further discuss their role in an Americanized society. Continue reading

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