As the end of the year draws close, here is a piece that I wrote more than 7 years ago, which I feel still has resonance, and was published in a magazine that no longer exists.
No real resolutions this year other than to be more creative.


One day, laying in the sand,
As you rest your head
With your feet buried under the cold sand,
You realize just how much of
Your life you’ve wasted
You should have been going to college
And earning a paper that society views
As your meal ticket
You should have been in your career
That will, in the end, take away your family and life,
Sucking you dry
You should have been saving the world
One glass
One paper
One plastic
At a time
Instead, you’re wasting your life away.
Just sitting here in the sand.
The waves,
They crash into the land.
They foam as they sink back
Into conformity.
Desperate for attention
The water hisses at you saying:
Do something with your life…

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