A Macabre Dream of NeonMob’s Latest Set — “The Orphanage”

Alright guys. The latest set on NeonMob by artist Vaughn Pinpin called “The Orphanage” is just so amazing! I love it! I love it so much in fact, that while I was opening packs earlier in (my) AM on the launch day (10/1) that I fell back asleep.

I tumbled down, down, down, deep into the miasma of the living room of a house that was familiar. I knew this place, but it was twisted and demented from my childhood. As I inched forward, unsure of my steps, the floor squeaked and some boards buckled under my weight. I stumbled to right myself in the darkened house. As I looked up I saw the NeonMob gang looking out through the bay windows in the living room.

They were strangely quiet as I walked up to them. I followed their gaze as we saw a weepy willow transform its long tendrils into tentacles. A large black crow dove down and the tree reached out and grabbed a hold. The tree exposed its large mouth hidden in the trunk. We flinched as the tree swallowed the bird, feathers and all. Jimmy exclaimed that we would probably fare better inside the house.

We nodded our heads and turned around to back away from the window when the room began to spin. The ground shook and we started to slide about the room. The sounds of cackling echoed all around us. Maybe fifty different voices could be heard but it was too hard to tell. The cacophony of laughter would only grow louder as we covered our ears.

Was the sound from within our minds?

Just then we were swept up and pinned to the spinning walls, faster, faster, faster, like a terrible carnival ride. In the center of the room, a light shined brightly, and a small circular platform grew from the ground. The loud tinny sound of music played as if a mechanical brass band was being amplified from a megaphone.

The ceiling opened up and down floated a stout man with a curly moustache, seemingly on wires. He wore high-waisted red and white striped pants and a white buttoned up shirt. His chest was pumped up proud as he gracefully landed on the platform and took a bow. Only after this gesture could you then see the ax wedged firmly in his back and the maggots that writhed to the music being played.

With his hands stretched wide, the stout man began to speak with a thunderous voice that all but seemed to drown out the laughter. “Welcome, welcome, welcome my guests! So, glad you could attend. We’ve got quite a show for you today, our adoring fans of the Grinn Manor. And may I just begin by introducing our lovely entertainers?”

The house lights blasted on, blinding us all as room came to a complete standstill and we fell onto the ground. Disoriented and a little bruised, I shielded my eyes to the blaring lights and from the ceilings and through the walls, 100 children came floating, falling, tumbling, and spinning into the room. Some hissed, and others moaned. They screamed, and they laughed.

Each one had a name tag stuck onto their breast, and a little girl named Alecia walked right through me. “Oh dear, oh dear… This just will not do!” She vanished back into the walls.
I jumped back from fright. Did I just see clearly? Did she just walk through a wall?

A finger poked me on the shoulder as I turned my head to a small child. “Do you want to see my tummy do something funny?” I caught a glimpse at her name tag that said Annabelle, and without a chance to answer she lifted up her shirt to expose a mouth who smiled from one side of her torso to the other side. My eyes widened as the mouth opened and licked my face ever so delicately. I crawled backwards as quickly as I could until I hit the wall. Annabelle laughed with glee and her tummy did, too!

I could not imagine just what they had in store for us next.



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