Baby Shower Preview #2 + DIY Staining Clothespins Tutorial


I can’t believe that my baby shower is just around the corner (3 days from now!). In addition to that I finally began my maternity leave today which will allow me to be able to completely focus what little energy I have to spare nowadays to the actual preparation of the shower.

There are little details that I’ve been able to work on such as putting together all of the little centerpiece items that I will be using the day of. The only thing I need are the fresh flowers, which will have to wait until the day of to assemble.

This is the second in my series of preview posts for my baby shower, and with each post, I feel even more anxious about pulling off the event. It’s like I’m putting all this unnecessary pressure to impress especially because I am a little bit of a perfectionist. I’ve reserved myself to not be too disappointed if I can’t put every last little thing together with my main excuse of having to take care my health being the foremost worry.

Moving on, as seen in the preview photo above, I’ve been doing a lot of little DIY projects which include:

  • Coloring Mason Jars
  • Making origami boxes for favors
  • Staining Clothespins for… Continue reading

Pregnancy #2 – Baby Shower Decorations

I’ve been putting together decorations for my shabby chic-inspired baby shower. Here is a quick preview of what I’ve done so far. I plan on putting together tutorials as well as photos of my baby shower later.

Paper Lanterns

I loved the idea of having cute paper lanterns for my baby shower but wanted to add a little bit of my own style to them. I saw that instead of getting the paper and wire lanterns, I could just use origami papers over each little light.


After folding about 105 little paper lanterns, I’m finally done! I put them on each light and plugged them in and they are ready to go. I might need to do one more rope of 100 lights, but for now, one rope is good enough.

Flower Pinwheels

Chairs can be rather boring looking and so I wanted to go ahead and add a little bit of texture to each chair. The go-to thing that most people will do is just tie a big fabric bow and be done with it. I wanted something a little more colorful and went ahead and started creating paper flower pinwheels.


Glue gunning a couple of these together and adding a thick piece of ribbon to attach them to the backs of chairs will add some great color to plain white chairs.

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