It’s A Face!

I want to take a moment right now, a deep breath, a pause, a side step from the chaos in our little whirlwind of a world, to talk about Ami. It is so very rare when we can just sit down for a moment and just bask in our fortunes in life. A warm bed, a hot meal, and loving arms.

As some of you may know Ami was diagnosed Autistic not more than 7 months ago. And since then it has been relentless tests, therapies, evaluations, daily regiments, and constant attention to ensure that we, as parents, are doing what we can to help her with speech, fine and gross motor skills, self-care, and a multitude of other social skills, such as something as basic as going out to eat at a restaurant.

All of these things, have finally led up to Ami being more confident than ever. She can maintain eye contact a little bit more. She can hug just a little bit tighter. She can recite commonly used questions with just a little less prompting. Each milestone and accomplishment is just that much sweeter every day.

And so today, during one of our many times that we try to get her to focus on a particular task, we took out our dry erase board to allow Ami to practice her fine motor skills of drawing and writing.

We are encouraging her more and more everyday to acknowledge that mistakes happen, they can be fixed, and then you can continue to get better at it with practice. Typically, we have to place our hand over her’s because she is a perfectionist and doesn’t like to make mistakes. But not today!

Today, she drew her big circle, then three little dots, one pair for eyes, another for a nose. A nice curved line for a smile, two half circles for ears, an intentional squiggle for shaggy hair, and the word “FACE” all by herself.

The proudest I’ve seen her be in awhile.

Taking the photo was a little weird because we made her lay down next to it, but she was the one who struck the pose.

She’s our little diva!



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