NaNoWriMo – Day 2: Exhaustion Sets In…

The title seems a little exaggerated because of the fact that it’s only the second day of NaNoWriMo. I can explain, I promise!

Today started off early as I had to take my mother-in-law to the airport. Got home at around 8:30 AM and pounded out another 500 words until I fell over from exhaustion.

Got some great notes in for Chapter 2, and wrapping up Chapter 1.

For my career, I have to write a lot–a lot of it is extremely technical in nature–where I am pouring over pages and pages of documentation. Doing that for over 8 years can get extremely tiresome and can zap all will to write creatively, and I would say that is the main reason why I had stopped writing, for the most part.

Prose just didn’t seem interesting to me anymore.

Novels seemed arduous, tedious and just overall very time consuming.

However, now that I’ve finally got the juices of creativity flowing, come and delve into the seemingly oddball brain of mine so that I can spill how I kind of organize my thoughts and execute off of them. This is mostly for my own benefit, so please excuse the brain dump. 🙂

Some people just jump right into writing. I like to at least outline the plot before diving in. If it’s a novel, I’ll write down the main characters, their main background, hint at their “trigger” that makes the story relevant as to why I am writing at all, and then will draw up a couple of supporting characters.

If I really have someone in mind, I’ll even write some one-liners to help describe the type of person they are and build their character a teeny bit before diving in. Once I feel that I’ve established enough baseline, I’ll even write some important places that I think it should take place, time periods that I want to reference, maybe even write a paragraph of something that I would want to include into the story in some form or fashion.

Extremely important for me. I hate that I do it, but sometimes I’ll get hung up on a specific detail and will stop writing to Google something that I may not be 100% sure of.

Also, sometimes, the research can come even before I’ve created the brainstorm. I’ll hear an interesting retelling of a family story, or read a particular news article and think, “Hey! I really like that. I’m going to write something about it.”

And because I am a techie kind of person, near 100% of my research is scrapped together as news clippings or hyperlinks scattered in my Gmail inbox or Google Docs. Saving the information in a “cloud” (as all of the hipstastic people like to call it), making the information more readily accessible is extremely helpful. I have about 15 FBI reports sitting in my Gmail just waiting for me to dust it off and start using them.

Doing it!
Getting the job done. Going in and writing to my hearts content. I will often times have false starts where I start a story of a particular person, get several chapters into it, and then write another narrative.

This will be the first time where I am now going to combine all of the narratives into one cohesive story.

What a pain! The best thing about this portion though is that I get to rely on some of my most supportive people to help me piece the things together.

I have a tendency to write pieces that seemed to have flown together very well in my head but then it kind of just patters off into oblivion. That’s where I love that I have an amazing arsenal of friends, mentors, and family members who are not afraid of being some of my harshest critics.


I’ve always just written for my own enjoyment, so now that I actually want to do this “publishing” thing, I have to actually sit down and buckle up and get to the last portion of things “Finalizing!” Hopefully, I get to write about that some day.

Here’s to 28 more days of NaNoWriMo!



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