NaNoWriMo – Day 4: I’ve Hit a Snag

33 Weeks with my first daughter

I’ve somewhat hit a snag of sorts…

Writing this narrative of one of my characters has been very emotionally draining for me and the only reason I can think of is that it’s because she’s 12-years-old and pregnant.

I’ve always had a strong conviction against child brides, but I have to write about this dark part of my culture.

I crawl into that adolescent mind–emotional and visceral. I bare her irrational and callous decisions. However, the most surprising part is that it’s not hard for me to put myself there. I was once dumb and stupid and filled with teenage hormones, too. I can also understand some of her rash decisions because I am pregnant right now as well.

My husband has been incredibly supportive of my decision to write, and has been great to bounce ideas off of. As I noted in my previous post about how I setup my stories, but it didn’t dawn on me how sick to my stomach I felt until I was talking about my characters with him. As I said, “So, she’s 12-years-old and pregnant,” we both had the same reaction and made the same grimace.

“But I have to write about this,” in which he agreed.

So, even though I want to quit and give up, I will keep writing. Besides, these aren’t even the hardest portion of the story I will be writing. No spoilers just yet but, it’s going to be intense, or at least I hope I can write it as such.



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