[Poem] A Punctuated Life

picture by renee ya

picture by renee ya

We live our lives in a series of punctuations.
Each chapter joined with an ellipses
Continuing our journey in a linear fashion
One point leading to the next

And then…
And then…
And then…

Defining ourselves by the meta data prescribed to us,
Tagging the self-actualization moments.
Quantifying each experience with a hashtag


We bracket the memories we want to forget
Mixing in the reality with fiction
Until the fiction is the reality
And the reality is stranger than fiction

No really [this did happen]

We walk through live with a question mark over our head
We fill our journals with collect quests
Each vanguard, searching for an answer to the never ending
Massively multiplayer online role playing game of life, our second life

Can you collect one heart?
Will you find the princess?
Are you good or evil?

Yearning for the instant gratification
Of a Bustling Network of Strangers
Building connections through one at symbol at a time

Because @Jesus is my homeboy

Arbitrarily phasing in and out of
Existential existence until we finally hit that finite punctuation–
A period.

The end.

So poignant and yet so vague.
There is no closure.
Only sorrow. Like an exclamation mark filled with anger.

This is the end!
It is over!



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