Pregnancy #2 – Auspicious Dreams

The air is crisp and a thin fog is misting all around me. The foliage is heavy and sunbeams burst through small slits in between the leaves.

I’m in the middle of a forested trail, my legs carrying me and my burgeoning belly swiftly past mossy trees and nimbly skipping impacted roots.

What seems like all through my pregnancy to be a heavy load, while carrying my baby, is weightless, painless, and I feel like I am nearly flying through the forest. I look down to see two pins holding a number on my chest, and then I see many other women also leaping through the forest with me.

I am running a half marathon.

My desire to be able to run has finally come and I am excited and delighted.

Some women are running in groups while others are running on their own. One looks at me and smiles and I smile back.

My mind is clear, and it’s as if the world is quiet all around me. Any feeling of confusion, worry, or doubt is nowhere to be found as I am calm, restful, and refreshed.

I run for miles and miles, never feeling tired. I feel amazing, strong, and powerful.

I am at peace.



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One response to “Pregnancy #2 – Auspicious Dreams

  1. Richard Yang

    The peace is love

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