Pregnancy #2 – Baby Shower Decorations

I’ve been putting together decorations for my shabby chic-inspired baby shower. Here is a quick preview of what I’ve done so far. I plan on putting together tutorials as well as photos of my baby shower later.

Paper Lanterns

I loved the idea of having cute paper lanterns for my baby shower but wanted to add a little bit of my own style to them. I saw that instead of getting the paper and wire lanterns, I could just use origami papers over each little light.


After folding about 105 little paper lanterns, I’m finally done! I put them on each light and plugged them in and they are ready to go. I might need to do one more rope of 100 lights, but for now, one rope is good enough.

Flower Pinwheels

Chairs can be rather boring looking and so I wanted to go ahead and add a little bit of texture to each chair. The go-to thing that most people will do is just tie a big fabric bow and be done with it. I wanted something a little more colorful and went ahead and started creating paper flower pinwheels.


Glue gunning a couple of these together and adding a thick piece of ribbon to attach them to the backs of chairs will add some great color to plain white chairs.



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