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She Cracks Me Up

Crack Up

It’s the small things in life that will fade away. Memories of love, life, laughter will disappear or become distant memories.

Like a stray mark, you erase it, but it’s still there.

We capture moments in time so that we can look back upon them, these joyous blimps in the timeline.

Three years from now, I will look back at this photo and smile. Trying to recall the delicious laughter from through the haze of newborn exhaustion.

Even through sleepless nights, moments like these make it worthwhile.


Lazy Sunday

Haven’t updated in a little while. So, I thought I would do a quick photo update.

Took a trip to Whole Foods on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

Saw this new drink that uses clean font as their branding. Love pineapple and apple, but wasn’t sure about mint. It was refreshing but not exactly what I thought it would be.

I really liked Malia expression from when I took the photo and that was the main reason that I wanted to post this.


ami_pat-a-cake_082610 a video by moon_child on Flickr.

With all of the recent news surrounding Flickr’s updates, it gave me an opportunity to remince on some old photos.

Here is Ami at 1 year 2 months playing pat-a-cake with me. I love her expression of being overwhelmed at the end of it.

Love this girl!

May The Fourth Be With You!

Happy Star Wars Day 2013!

May the 4th Be With You!

Culture – Hmong Postpartum Superstitions/Traditions

This is my second installment of Hmong Superstitions, with this one focusing specifically on after the baby is born.

Hmong Superstitions

  1. Hmong Superstitions – Pregnancy
  2. Hmong Superstitions – Postpartum

It’s interesting how traditions start out as superstitions after generation upon generation of passed down folktales. Many of the topics I will be discussing will seem like second nature to those who are Hmong and I hope to further discuss their role in an Americanized society. Continue reading

Photo Update – New Lens

After having my Sony Alpha DSLR A100 for some 7 years, I finally made the plunge of investing in a non-kit lens. I ended up getting the Sony DT 50mm f/1.8 Mid Range Lens (SAL50F18) as it had some pretty decent reviews and was a good introduction lens.

I broke it out immediately and started snapping away. I love the lens and I can’t wait to practice more portrait shots.

Namesake – My Little One


Ever since figuring out that we were pregnant a second time, the great search for a name began. Would it be a strong and bold name or a classic and wise name? In the back of my mind I always wanted to pay homage to a family member of mine who had passed but figuring out how it would fit our little one was proving to be more of a challenge. Continue reading

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[Crafts] Wander’s Lament – Slouchy Beanie

I usually hate knitting hats, and prefer the instant gratification of crocheting hats, but I loved the color and pattern and decided to give it a go.

I did not anticipate so much hassle of trying to hand wrap a shank into a ball. FIRST MISTAKE! Next time I will need to purchase a swift or just go to the local yarn store to use their’s.

The knitting up of the double moss pattern was extremely quick! I was able to complete it within an accumulative 2 hours.

I will definitely be knitting this again.

Two corrections to the pattern:

1) 60cm circular needles are too long to join without having to knit using the “magic loop” technique.
2) On the fourth double moss pattern (or as they abbreviated it to DM), they note to “Repeat Row 2” which says to “Repeat Row 1” — I figured it out that it means to “Repeat Row 3” — DUH!

Also, the instructions says “13.5 stitches and 8 rows” to get gauge– How do you knit a 13.5 stitch to check? AI-YAI-YAI! O_O

Do you like the hat? Purchase one now from my Etsy Shop! It’s made to order and will arrive approximately 2 weeks.


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