Book of 2022 by Renee Ya ($20 Donation)


Renee’s debut chapbook focuses on the luck of the draw. A “New Year 7-Card Spread” which features gorgeously designed tarot cards separating each chapter with a central theme with writings from poetry to prose and short stories. Choose from one of 7 high quality tarot cards which will be soft matte and printed in the standard tarot card size of 70mm x 120mm.

Illustrations by Emily Ehrlich.

Copyright 2022 Renee Ya. Published by Tiger Byte Studios, LLC. All rights reserved.

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What’s included:

  • eBook (Immediately downloadable)
  • 1x Tarot Cards of your choice (70mm x 120mm) (Pre-order)
  • My thanks for donating! ✨💖✨

***Please note that pre-order items will need to be manufactured and shipped. Approximate timeline is mid-April and is subject to change.